For rhc websolutions layout plays a paramount role; because the first impression of a website is crucial. Structure, creativity and enthusiasm will lead to individualistic layouts. Your corporate design for being recognitsed is important. It mirrors what your company embodies in real life and how you present yourself.

Logo, colors, imagery, font and sizes are intended to emphasize look and feel of your company.


rhc websolutions implements custom programming technical tasks of websites. Starting with the database connectivity and development, to customized programming applications.
To implement your website, we use the latest technologies and to put a variety of components. The most important include Html PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

A dynamic Web programming allows you to update the content of your website.


Our CMS (content management system) is based on open source components. We consider the CMS as an important tool that offers many solutions in order to guarantee a successful web presence. The modular design of our CMS system makes it easy to expand and change any add-ons you might want to establish in future. This guarantees an optimized TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The main reasons to use a CMS:

  • CMS user friendly interface – update content on the fly
  • Via the CMS editor, content can be entered directly or transferred using copy and paste
  • Give different users different rights – Assign user names and passwords
  • By the separation of layout, content and navigation – you will gain a high degree of flexibility.

We are pleased to advise you about other open source CMS systems such as WordPress.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to actions which will bring up your websites in search engine rankings. SEO and design go hand in hand. Your website must be structured and programmed to be SEO-friendly. SEO is the most important measure in order to achieve large ranges and maximize the commercial success of your website.


W3C Develops Web Standards and Guidelines

W3C primarily pursues its mission through the creation of Web standards and guidelines. In the first ten years of its work, the W3C has published more than 80 W3C Recommendations. The W3C also engages in education and dissemination of standards, develops software and serves as an open forum for discussion about the Web.

In order to reach its full potential, the most fundamental Web Technologies must be compatible with one another and allow any hardware and software to access your website. The W3C refers to this goal as by publishing open (non-proprietary) standards for web languages and protocols. W3C tries to avoid market fragmentation through “Web interoperability.” source

Mobile Website / Mobile Apps

More and more people are on smartphones or tablets to access the internet. Therefore, the implementation of a web site needs adaptation so that mobile devices as well as stationary PC’s keep your content available anytime, anywhere in proper design.

With experience in the field of platform-optimized website design rhc-websolutions is the right partner for you.